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Freedom, flexibility, time - all of this will be provided by our all inclusive air taxi service.

Imagine having a private airplane that you can fly wherever you want and when you want and have nothing or anyone limit you. That's exactly why we're here - To arrange the booking of a private plane, manage the process end-to-end, arrange delicious catering on board and then safely transport you to your destination.

Are you interested in how much it costs to book a private airplane?

  • Airtaxi for holidays and business

    Airtaxi is a flying taxi service.  It's a private airplane hire just for you. Book an airplane for your trip, you will have the entire airplane at your disposition, whether it’s for your holiday or for business, and our experienced pilots will take you wherever you need. And the best thing is that we take care of the entire process. We take care of everything including additional services you may like to have (flight attendant, VIP catering, ground taxi, limousine, event tickets, accommodation, restaurant reservations, ...).

  • The benefits of booking a private jet
    • You are the captain of your time - you do not have follow the flight schedules of any airline
    • Travel without long waits and airport check-in - Use of private terminals (GAT) and VIP lounges
    • Most private aircraft can also land at smaller airports where large aircraft is not able to land
    • Guarante of maximum privacy and discretion
    • Ability to change passengers
    • You do not have to worry about anything - we provide comprehensive services
  • How much does it cost to book a private jet

    When you book a private airplane, you always have it all to yourself. The amount you pay for this incredible comfort and the feeling of freedom and flexibility varies according to different criteria. In general, the most important parameters that determine the final price are the type of aircraft you choose, how many people will fly, the route you plan to fly, and how long you want to stay at that destination. Check out our sample prices where you can get an idea of how how much a private booking costs. However, to get the exact price of your flight by private airplane, please contact us and we will prepare a quote according to your air taxi requirements.

  • The process of ordering an air taxi, or how to book a private airplane
    1. Upon receipt of your flight request, we will provide a non-binding price offer as soon as possible for a suitable aircraft. 
    2. You then chose the airplane that will best meet your needs for your private airplane flight.  
    3. As soon as we confirm the Private Aircraft Order, the aircraft is reserved for you and we will take care of all other flight details. 
    4. Then you can choose to pay by bank transfer or credit card. 
    5. Then, just arrive at the terminal for private flights 20 minutes before departure and get ready to enjoy the experience.
  • What we will need to know to prepare a customized price for your private flight
    • Your time preferences and availability
    • How many people will fly you and who are the passengers - men, women, children, animals (just a preliminary idea)
    • Special Catering Requests - Should catering be adapted to a diet or type of food?
    • The number and size of luggage - in particular, larger items such as strollers, skis, golf bags, animal cages, etc.
    • Do you have an idea of ​​the type of plane you would like to fly?
    • Would you like us to provide other additional services?
  • Check-in when flying a private aircraft

    No waiting for the plane, the plane will wait for you. At most airports, Air taxi check-in takes place in the General Aviation Terminal (GAT). These are separate from the general check-in areas. You need to be at the airport only 20 minutes prior to your scheduled departure. Our pilots will meet you here and personally escort you to your private airplane. If a flight attendant is present for the flight, they will introduce you to the interior of the airplane and will be fully available to you for the duration of the flight. 

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