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"Do you want to sell or buy an airplane? You landed on the right page."

If you desire the comfort of a private airplane that will be available to you day and night, then it’s time to think about buying your own private airplane.  Or are you at a point where your existing private airplane is no longer meeting your needs and it’s time to sell it?  
Each of us will occasionaly find themselves challenged with something we are not comfortable with and for those times it’s often wise to engage an expert in the field. 

We at Icarus Aviation Group have been in the field of private flying for over 15 years. We have helped our clients buy and sell many airplanes  We will be your partner and guide you can rely on during the process of buying or selling an airplane.

  • As part of the sale and purchase of aircraft, we provide:
    • brokering the sale and purchase of aircraft and helicopters
    • estimates of market prices for aircraft and helicopters
    • advice on choosing an appropriate aircraft for purchase
    • acquisition
    • fair contracts
    • leasing services
    • aircraft insurance
    • turnkey services - worry free, smooth process
    • aircraft management - operation of the aircraft
  • The benefits of owning a private airplane
    • your airplane is available to you at any time
    • you will be on par with world-class business people 
    • you can offset the cost of ownership by commercially profiting from the airplane
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