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"With express cargo shipping, you will be able to meet every delivery deadline for your order."

Not only passengers but also goods, parts, or documents need to be at the right place at the right time. Various type of private aircraft, depending on the size of your shipment, will help you with shipping your cargo.  Even for transport of larger freight, we are able to provide the most capable cargo aircraft on the market. Your shipment can be ransported within a few hours to exactly where you need it.

  • Air express cargo anywhere, at any time, at your chosen time

    We specialize in comprehensive air freight services. Air transport is particularly suitable for smaller shipments going to a farther destination when the most important requirement is speed.  We provide import and export shipping.  We provide shipping to all countries of the world on a daily basis.

  • Advantages of air shipping express cargo
    • You can meet even short delivery timelines of your customers
    • Comprehensive service for each shipment, including processing customs
    • Solutions to unexpected situations
    • You are not bound by the schedules of air freight carriers
    • We are able to take off with your shipment within 2 to 3 hours of confirming the order
    • We also offer door-to-door service combined with other types of transport
  • Options for air shipping express cargo:

    Hand Cargo

    Transporting a small shippment in the easiest and most cost-effective way, even around the world Our certified courier will personally pick up your shipment and deliver it to the desired location where it will be handed over to the designated person or company within a specified time. Reliably, quickly and safely. Just contact us with your requirements and our courier can be on their way.

    Express Cargo

    Air shipping express cargo is also suitable for large or heavy items, thanks to the adequate capacity of air freight airplanes. We will arrange express shipping of your item within a few hours anywhere in Europe.  Your shipment will handled with the right type of aircraft as well as professional staff and service. We can land smaller private airplanes with small shipments where large aircraft cannot land. We guarantee the departure of the flight within two to three hours of confirmation of your express cargo shipping order.

    Large-capacity cargo

    For large-capacity air freight transport, we work with international carriers providing daily connections to various destinations around the world. We are knowledgeable about the parameters of individual freight aircraft such as aircraft capacity, technical requirements, operational background and requirements for documentation. In cooperation with our partners, we will arrange the transportation of goods at unbeatable prices to and from anywhere. Dealing with customs is a matter of course in our comprehensive service

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